Greetings Dear Soul. Thank you for being here.

Here is a little about us:
Our personal power team produces digital content that is aimed at personal and spiritual growth. We are passionate about self-empowerment and inner awakening to our great potential.

How we procude

Gopro 7 for video recording.

Filmora, cyberlink power director for video editing.

Abelton 10 Live for musical compositions and Reaper for for vocal recording and audio editing. 

What we produce:

Valuable information for the personal and spiritual development community backed with 5 years of experience and authentic interest.

Music for meditation & healing. We passionately upload our dedicated work to youtube and online stores where you can download it for personal use or for business use. We put in a lot of time and effort in our work, we greatly appreciate all the support we get from those that purchase our products.

Video content suited for our musical creations.
We use our own video footage as well as royalty free stock footage that we have bought licenses to use and monetize on sites such as youtube. All of our content is licensed or self created. 

We are a dedicated team that loves working on youtube and online in general. We have come to rely on youtube as our main source of income and we are eternally grateful to have our amazing community so full of love and support. Thank you all. 

We are commited to serve our you and our personal power community from the heart and provide valuable information and content aimed towards accelerating success, abundance, happiness and love, on your own terms. 

Personal Power Team